About Me

Coding Background

I started coding sometime in the late 90’s when Geocities used to offer free 2mb websites. For being just a kid I remember making some decent websites and even had multiple accounts linked together to get a larger site. I only did that for a year or so then didn’t touch coding again until 2005 when I started writing educational software for text book publishers (still do that today as my day job). In June 2012, shortly after BlackBerry Cascades was announced, I got into BlackBerry developing (had been a user/abuser for a few years). I had never coded a mobile application and since Cascades was so new there wasn’t much information out there. After struggling at first, I started figuring things out and vowed to create a site that would help others learn BlackBerry Cascades Coding. I have now written many tutorials (as you see on this site), multiple apps in BlackBerry World, and now affiliated with the coding group OSBBx.

Personal Background

I don’t just code all day (though my wife will argue otherwise as of late). I attended the University of South Florida where I studied Mechanical Engineering; graduated in 2010. I am a huge college [American] football fan, enjoy almost all other sports too. Also love SCUBA diving (certified NAUI diver), working on/driving my 2007 Subaru WRX, and running/working out.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @BrianScheirer