My Work Wide Story

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I have always been big on experiences over possessions. I love to travel, drive fast, attend live sporting events, go to concerts, etc. And while there is a material component to each of those, the part that I think truly matters is the non physical aspect. So while anything can be good, what can truly make something great is when the physical aspect is there and then it is enhanced by an amazing experience.

I feel this directly applies to the Passport and Work Wide. All the physical aspects of the Passport are amazing in my opinion. It has a great physical keyboard and beautiful large screen. But aside from that I haven't seen anyone tap into the full experience the Passport can offer.

Perhaps the world isn't ready for a large square screen. So why not turn that large square into two decently sized rectangles? I thought to do just that and even made a little posting about it ( This seemed to get a relatively positive response. At this point I was hoping BlackBerry would bake this type of feature directly into the OS. Launch came and went with no such feature announced.

Not to be discouraged by something I had no control over, I decided to do something I did have control over... write an app that can in effect do what I hoped BlackBerry would've done in the first place.

As some of you may know, I am and have been a BlackBerry developer for a few years. I have written quite a few games and fun apps. Plus I have written hundreds of tutorials here on and on However this next project which became Work Wide, I knew would be different. Bigger, better... wider!

So I quickly got to work trying mirror native BlackBerry10 experiences but in a side by side mode. This ultimately led to creating a web browser, text composer, picture viewer, txt viewer, and a calculator. All five of these "apps" were built from the ground up for Work Wide. Early on I knew this was going to be no small task, so I enlisted the help of a fellow developer, Olaf (known for such apps as SideSwype and BroPilot). While there are still more improvements to come to all these "apps" we believe Work Wide is feature rich enough to release as v1.0.

Following the theme of "experience" and taking it a step further, I find it really interesting that I saw the years of developing experience between us come out in this app. It may not be obvious to the casual user but the culmination of hundreds of little coding tips, tricks, and techniques came together to make Work Wide what it is.

So it is with great pleasure and excitement I am happy to share my coding experience with all the Passport users of the world so they too can have an amazing device experience. Download it from BlackBerry World here:


P.S. I wrote this article in Work Wide so I could easily simultaneously view a few sites I referenced above while writing.