C++ is one of the main langauges that can be used to write a Cascades app (QML being the other).  It can be the only language used in your application, meaning you can define all of your user interface (UI) and logic (using signal/slots). However this site doesn't focus on using C++ for the UI, rather that will be handled with QML.  How this site does use C++ is to handle logic that cannot be handled using JavaScript.  In the cases where QML is used to initiate the C++ function, you need to set up a "context property" in your .cpp file to expose the C++ to the QML (see "Running C++ Function from QML" example for a more complete overview).

Examples/Tutorials Using This Feature:

Running C++ Function from QML (Trivial Example)

Persistence of Cascades Memory

New Calendar Year



Cascades' QML environment primarily uses JavaScript to "do things." JavaScript can be written in line (such as inside of the onClicked {} of a Button), as a function defined from within the QML file, or as a separate .js file from within the assets folder.

Examples/Tutorials Using This Feature:

JavaScript 3 Ways

One Button/Multiple Outputs and One Outpute/Multiple Buttons

SegmentedControl to Control a DropDown